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Happy Birthday Anyone!


Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a great New Year!!
Mom went to see "War Horse" New Year's Eve and loved it. Best of all the star is a retired racehorse, who also starred in Seabiscuit.
I got a great Christmas present!

I'm Back!

Sorry to be away so long.
But as donkeys can do, I decided to take a break from the online world and enjoy my farm.
The BIG news is that my book is on Amazon's Kindle, and may soon be on IBooks (Mom says that takes longer)
Anyway, you can read about ME just about anywhere you put a Kindle reader: your computer, your IPad, your Kindle, or your Android phone. It only costs $3.99 and all the money (after Amazon's fees) goes to The Gingersnap Girls Foundation, a horse rescue near me.
Would make a great Christmas present! And there's a surprise at the end of the book: a video of me and my pals. Oh boy!
You can read all about Gingersnap Girls on its Facebook page. They've rescued 175 horses, ponies and donkeys in the past eight years. And they need help to do more. Please think of them at Christmas!

Anyway, here's my year in pictures:

I greeted Daddy Chris when he came to visit on his March 8 birthday.

Maria and her father, Daniel. They're from Bulgaria, and Maria's mom works with my mom.

Mom is afraid that I'll get too fat...I am fat!! But this muzzle thing didn't work. I just sulked, like a donkey!

We had a freak storm at the end of June. Not quite a tornado, it snapped off four 50-foot tall pine trees nearby. Somehow, I got pushed into something and sliced my top eyelid, just missing my eye. We are so lucky to have emergency vet, Byron Young, and his assistant, Victoria. Of course, the power was out. So they stitched me up by headlight and flashlight. Now you can't even see the scar.

My nice farrier, Tom Dukes, trims my feet regularly. I used to object a bit, but now I'm really easy to do.

A new friend! Xaria and her parents and brother rent the house. I really like her, and I even walk around. She's not scared of falling, at all.

My old friends, Bailee and Blair, came to visit.

And another new friend, Fairest Riches. He was rescued by a nice woman in West Virginia. Now 13, he raced 50 times and won $100,000. She found him abused and thin. His grandfather was Sham, who raced against Secretariat.

What? Christmas already? No. Snow in October! On Mom's birthday.
My Christmas present arrived from Smart Pak last week. But Mom won't let me open it until Christmas. 
Can't wait!

Merry Christmas!


Lunar Eclipse!

 One night Mom thought it was great that she worked til midnight.
She got to see...and photograph the once-in-a-lifetime lunar eclipse.

Here's one with a thin cloud in front of the moon.

Cold, Cold...then SNOW

 The storm that blew in Dec. 1 brought highly unusual cold for December. Temperatures averaged at least 15 degrees below normal all but about two days for the first two and a half weeks, the coldest December since 2000, and maybe one of the coldest ever by the time it ends.

Mom dragged out blankets earlier than usual. Tut's wearing two most of the time.

But I have a problem. I need to join equines biggest losers. Despite four scoops of thyroid medicine a day, I'm getting fatter...and fatter. Mom put my pretty pink turnout sheet on, but didn't loosen the belly straps. I quickly busted one of those straps. So when she put my Rhino blanket on, she made sure she let out the straps. See, I needed another six inches! I should be embarrassed, but I'm not.

And if the cold weren't enough, especially the 30 mph winds for three days straight, Monday, Dec. 13-Wednesday, Dec. 15, here comes the first real snow. Fortunately, it was only about two inches. And when the sun came out today, it was quite pretty. I enjoyed nibbling grass in the warm sunshine.

Dec. 4th, 2010

 Because of the new Loudoun writers' group, Mom got to go to the incredibly fun parade in Middleburg on  Saturday, Dec. 4.
And I went, least my book did. It was quite popular and I (my book) raised a little more money for The Gingersnap Girls. (They are on Facebook, too, just search)

So many four-legged creatures took part and sure put everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Dec. 1st, 2010

 Mom drove 1,000 miles to New York, north of Albany, to get us free transport an old friend.
Don't know how she did it in our 25-year-old horse van. But Cory at the garage in Purcellville fixed it up great.

She brought it back packed with hay. But what an adventure.
First stop was Amenia, N.Y., where she grew up. The bank has always been the prettiest building.

At a farm near Amenia, she picked up Smoothie, a former racehorse--like Tut, and took him to the farm with the hay north of Albany. Smoothie, who lived with us off and on for four years, now lives with two Clydesdales, so tall that they hide him.
The rain was starting as they loaded the hay...12 hours before predicted. By the time,Mom got to the Interstate and headed south toward Scranton, Pa, the rain and wind were so bad she could only go about 35 mph.
The next morning, she was afraid of getting blown off one of the many bridges across ravines on I-81. Here's how the trees were blowing sideways at a parking lot near Wilkes-Barre.

So Mom asked her new HTC EVO for a route without Interstates and found Route 11, a wonderful, old-fashioned three-lane highway (middle lane for passing both directions). Most importantly, it followed the Susquehanna River all the way to Harrisburg, was out of the wind  and NO tractor trailers. Route 11 actually goes through quaint, but busy, Pennsylvania towns, instead of skirting them on Route 81. Bloomsburg was the biggest and quite lovely. Here's a building in the center of town. And the Susquehanna out the window of the horse van.

The van pulled in home just as the sun was setting on Wednesday!


Mom's New Cell Phone


Mom got a new cell phone last night. HTC Evo 4 G with an 8 meg camera! Naturally, she tried it out on me. Pretty good camera. Sprint TV ads say EVO is absolutely best cell phone. We'll see. Actually, Mom got the new phone because her old phone wouldn't stay charged, and she was going on a long, long trip.
 Beautiful sunny day at the end of November. Little did I know...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

 What I'm thankful for:

FOOD I never get enough. Here I am, as always, trying to sneak a mouthful from Tut's feed tub.

MY FRIENDS: Here are the other three, besides Tut. Callie (left) and KC (right) belong to a neighbor. Callie was a great racehorse, and KC became a champion eventer after he finished racing. Bailey, who belonged to a friend of Mom's, is in the middle. Everyone enjoyed a nap in the sun yesterday.

TUT, of course. He just got a new blanket, a Hug from Dover Saddlery. It wraps around his neck instead of buckling in front. Long elastic bands fasten the top so that the whole front stretches a lot. Tut has a huge neck. When he rolls over after his night's sleep and tries to get up, other blankets restrict him too much. 

NEW KITTIE FRIENDS: Here's Mickey, and Manny is off to the side. They are best buds who loved the farm so much that they stayed behind when owners moved away. I'm afraid I scared Mickey because he hid for three weeks. But he's fine now and runs all over the barn and fields.

And, ZENYATTA. You can read all about the Greatest Racehorse (a lady, of course) at  She writes a blog, just like me! If you want, sign the petition to finally make her horse of the year. Here's the video of her 19th straight victory without a loss, a record that will probably never be broken. Click YouTube if video doesn't load on Facebook.



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